ONCE Laboratory is a remote, comprehensive laboratory that uses innovative technology and digital solutions, allowing us to EFFICIENTLY operate in MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS.

At the ONCE laboratory, we replace conventional methods with modern technologies and equipment that facilitate effective work optimisation and increase the clinic’s quality of services. In our activities, we use:

SLM sinter

Selective Laser Melting – a method that facilitates the production of complicated geometries which are impossible to obtain with conventional methods. The advantages of SLM technology are:

  • high durability,
  • structural stability,
  • high precision of workmanship,
  • homogeneity of the CoCr alloy,
  • aesthetics.

Micro-pulse weld

A connection made with a welder specifically developed to work with dental materials. Allows metals to be joined without soldering.
The method features:

  • a broad power spectrum of the device,
  • stability of welds even on large components,
  • accuracy,
  • small, controlled heat generation,
  • repeatability of welds,
  • can join even fragile materials.

3D printing

The lab is fully digital, and all work is done on models printed using dedicated dental resins. In cases where the resin comes in contact with patient tissues, we use certified safe medical resins.

Digital planning
of the brace structure

Dacilitates the precise design of the braces, increasing aesthetics of the performed work

Working with ONCE
Laboratory allows you to:


Take advantage of the only solution in Poland and worldwide, which facilitates the parallel application of aligner treatment, implantology navigation, and elements of traditional orthodontics


Obtain a proprietary solution that allows you to treat almost any case


Reduce treatment costs and optimise treatment time


Efektywne aparaty i struktury indywidualne oparte na miniimplantach

ONCE Laboratory products


Fixed braces

hyrax SLM – RPE devices with a hyrax screw are digitally designed with the individual patient’s conditions in mind

custom structures – eg. SLM space maintainer, SLM TPA brace, SLM canine extraction device

herbst SLM


Removable retainers

Thermoformed aligners

Personalised acrylic retainer plates


Fixed retainers


Digital orthodontic solutions

Printed/milled occlusion splints



  • a broader spectrum of tools to optimise the doctor’s work
  • efficient contact with the Laboratory in Polish
  • constant substantive and technological support as well as consultations with qualified specialists


  • faster and more comfortable therapy
  • maximum reduction of treatment time
  • increased comfort and predictability of the effect
  • reduced costs
  • possibility of using painless methods
  • customized treatment plans