ONCE is a pioneer in Polish digital orthodontics.

The brand comprises technicians and engineers whose long and international experience allows them to effectively treat even the most challenging malocclusions.

Creating and using innovations in the daily work of the ONCE team allows the clinic to continuously develop and optimise its work and ensure the safety and effectiveness of malocclusion treatment. In addition, the ONCE team remains available to doctors throughout their collaboration.

Filip Dziedzic

Originator and co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

He is changing the world of dentistry and orthodontics by creating and implementing cutting-edge digital solutions. Pioneer of digital orthodontics in Poland, a dental technician with over 10 years of experience. He specialises in creating innovation in the orthodontic industry and implementing digital dental solutions. In 2011, he created a professional dental laboratory, Loxo Lab of Braces, where he offered doctors the best and latest orthodontic solutions on the Polish market. In 2020, he transformed Loxo Lab into Once Lab, where he brings together the best professionals and experts in orthodontic dentistry. As a result, he creates advanced solutions tailored to the individual needs of physicians and patients. Co-creator of one of Once’s leading products, the Once Aligner straightening aligners. Member of the Polish Association of Dental Technology. He successfully implements digital solutions in his company as well.  

Katarzyna Dziedzic

Chief Operating Officer

Graduate of dental technology and public health at the Medical University of Lublin.

She began her career path in the dental industry as an article writer for Nowoczesny Technik Dentystyczny [Modern Dental Technician] and Dental Labor magazines. After her editorial work, she joined the Loxo Lab of Braces team, an orthodontic laboratory later converted to Once, where she manufactured speciality braces.

She has been a contributor to the Once lab since its inception.

She manages the process of making speciality orthodontic devices, performs quality control, and coordinates the entire team’s work.

With specialized technical knowledge, combined with expertise in the sociology of medicine and public health she helps to create innovative solutions. She specialises in malocclusion treatment and disease prevention and educating the public about taking care of their health.